23 Nov 2009

Nokia5800 In the last few weeks I got a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone which has been brilliant, and as the geek I am I have been playing around and trying out many of the functions on it. One area which has been an absolute fail, has been the GPS software: Nokia Maps. The phone comes with a  6 month license to get directions or have the phone speak to you as you drive, but at the end of the 6 months you need to pay for these premium services :(

I have no problem paying for it, but the costing model is retarded. This is the pricing when you select it from within the phone:

  • 1 day costs R19.99
  • 30 days costs R20.00
  • 30 days with automatic renewal costs R66
  • 1 year costs R512.99

Now I cannot imagine what person would choose 1 day, when 30 days is 1c more expensive, however the part that confuses me is that it is over three times more expensive for the same 30 days with the exception that you are telling Nokia you want to keep up to date with it. The year part is also odd, since if you purchase each month separately it is R240 which is less than half of the year subscription!

CLIPART_OF_10875_SM All of this screams that Nokia South Africa has ZERO clue about what they are doing to promote people to

  • Buy in bulk or put another way: Pay more
  • Setup a “contract” which will cause people to pay more

In fact it seems they, Nokia South Africa don’t want the business - because you can also purchase this using your browser online from Nokia Europe, which is a little more work than on your phone, but their pricing makes sense (see how it makes sense to buy the bigger packages or renewal options):

  • 1 day costs €1,59 (in rands that is roughly R17.90 or 10% cheaper)
  • 30 days costs €5,99 (in rands that is roughly R67.45 or 237% more expensive)
  • 30 days with automatic renewal costs €5,19 (in rands that is roughly R58.44 or 11% cheaper)
  • 1 year costs €39,99 (in rands that is roughly R450.33 or 12% cheaper)

When my subscription ends I will be sending money out of the country and helping Europe make their sales targets which just feels wrong :(



Simon's picture

Normally, you buy the GPS application for your phone, or the actual GPS unit as a once off.
There after you pay (sometimes to your dismay) for the yearly map updates....
Very weird pricing model indeed.
Does it run Google Maps?
I use that on my iPhone.

Robert MacLean's picture

I have no problem paying for the maps, although it would be nice to have them free (my wifes Omnia came with free Garmin updates for life) - the problem is the pricing model is flawed that if I want to pay for a year, it is cheaper to do it monthly where I must remember to do it than to get a "contract" or a bulk option from Nokia South Africa. All I am actually wanting is for Nokia South Africa to use the same pricing model as Nokia Europe, which makes sense.
I <3 Nokia | SADev's picture

[...] in the UK yesterday where they have made Nokia Turn-by-turn FREE. This has solved the headache of paying Nokia for convenience and also showed Nokia is aware and dealing of the moves of the big players like Google. [...]

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