Presentation Dump - Mid 2012: .NET 4.5, Visual Studio, psake, JavaScript & Coded UI

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Mon, 07/02/2012 - 15:09

With 2012 flying along it is time for the bi-annual presentation dump, where I upload most of the slides I have done in the last six months to share with you! I say most, as some presentations are NDA and those, unfortunately, I can’t share out – but where I can upload slides I do! I will also sometimes edit slides to exclude information that is NDA – so if you have questions let me know!

In this presentation dump we have:

  • What is new in .NET 4.5: This talk gives a big brain dump & a few demos of what is new & shiny in .NET 4.5. Focuses on the framework so it is mostly ignoring the language features (like async) & tooling features.
  • Visual Studio 2012 Preview: I gave this talk when it was still Visual Studio “11”, so you will see that a bit. Really covers what is new, improved and removed from the next release of Visual Studio. Definitely not a complete look, more a high light reel!
  • psake: A look at the psake tool and how it fits in the build/ci/deployment landscape.
  • JavaScript proven practises: One of my favourite talks so far this year – covers 12½ suggestions to improve the quality of your JavaScript! I am using this a lot as a reference guide when I build my code!
  • Automated UI Testing with Microsoft Technologies: A very interesting talk I gave about what Microsoft offers from a UI automation perspective for testers.

It seems like quieter period than ever before but it was not! In terms of number of unique slide shows that I can share it is very small as there is a fair amount of ones I couldn’t (even edited) and I also already uploaded two this year and finally a LOT of talks have been around Windows 8 and based on the camp in a box.

You can get all the slides and details by clicking “read more” below!

What is new in .NET 4.5

Visual Studio 2012 Preview


JavaScript proven practises

Automated UI Testing with Microsoft Technologies