08 Dec 2008

Part 1, which covers permissions to allow users to vote but not edit the website, can be found here

For the second post I thought I would share the most confusing issue I have personally with SharePoint survey permissions: namely on web site where anonymous users will hit it how do you let them vote? Since they are not members of the site you need to do a few extra steps to get it to work. Before I continue I recommend you read the first post since I will refer back to some parts of it.

The first thing is if you go to the permissions you need to give anonymous users permission, but there is no anonymous user option like we had with the domain group NT AUTHORITY\AUTHENTICATED USERS previously. However if you have configured anonymous access correctly you will find a menu option under settings which allow you to configure Anonymous Access.

Settings –> Anonymous Access.

You may find that it doesn’t work straight away, as in my case, because everything is set to read-only. So you can’t give the anonymous users permissions :(

Read-only settings

To solve this, you need to go to the advanced settings for your survey and set Read Access to All Responses, and click OK. Now don’t worry that you may be sharing information, you will turn this off again in a moment.

Survey advanced settings.

Now if you go back to the anonymous access settings section of the permissions those options has they are no longer read-only! You can now set up anonymous access to your survey and click OK,

Settings now available

Now, if you want to, you can go back to the advanced settings page and set the Read Access to Only their own. Note: The anonymous settings you set are not lost, they are just set to read-only and your survey is available to anonymous users.




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Great info, I followed the instruction directly; unfortunately I was unable to get the Anonymous Access to work. Is this direction for a specific version of SharePoint? We are using SharePoint 3.0. We have an ongoing issue with setting up Surveys to allow Anonymous input without having to allow Read All Responses and Edit All Responses. Once I set the Access back to Read only their own, etc., the Anonymous Access settings I set previously ARE lost, and the survey is NOT available to anonymous users. Looking for assistance, please reply. Thanks.
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Will work with WSS 3.0. Can you access the survey before you set it to read own?
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It's great to get your response; as a matter of fact, when setting to Read/Edit All Responses, I am unable to access the survey (unless I am logged in). When clicking on the link I created for the survey, the login window opens and login credentials are required. Please help! Thank you.
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It sounds the anonymous settings aren't properly setup for the site in general, not specifically a survey issue. I would suggest checking Gonzo's post on setting up anonymous setting: http://weblogs.asp.net/bsimser/archive/2006/09/25/Enabling-anonymous-acc...
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Confirming receipt of your advice and link; I checked both the main site and the sub-site I posted the survey on to verify the Anonymous Settings are enabled for the entire site(s). I then checked the settings for the survey, enabled Anonymous Access on all settings, and the authentication window is still popping up asking for login credentials when I try to access the survey thru the URL and thru the link I created for the survey on the main site. If you have more information on how to deploy SharePoint surveys, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. I have been searching the Web; I have found great info on setting up SharePoint surveys, but nothing in the way of deploying them with the exception of your postings. I also attempted a custom list. I created the list, set permissions within the list settings to enable Anonymous Access, and I am getting the authentification window once again. What am I missing? I gratefully look forward to your reply.
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Hi, Above which solution u have given for anonymous access for survey list, i have exactly done like that even though it's not working, i am not getting what to do now , Can u help me ? when i m click on "respond to this survey" it's asking for user id and password. Thanks in advance
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Thank you Robert. It was so useful. I use this way to make following survey : http://www.sharepointsolutions.ir/blogs/home/Lists/PublicSurvey/overview... Thanks again :)
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I am able to see the "Specify what permissions anonymous users have in this list. " but after selecting "Add" and ok I was unable to access the survey. So I went back to the setting and discovered it was back to "View". Selecting "Add" does not save. You can visit a screencast of my problem... http://www.screencast.com/users/Mynox/folders/Default/media/7eefead0-921...
SharePoint Survey Permissions: Part 2 – Allow anon's picture

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SharePoint Survey Permissions: Part 2 – Allow anon's picture

[...] http://www.sadev.co.za/content/sharepoint-survey-permissions-part-2-allo...... This entry was posted in Uncategorized by admin. Bookmark the [...]

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