11 Aug 2011
16 November 2011: This application has had a major update, see the details in this post

app tileFollowing the same idea as my AA Rate WP7 app, another very popular spreadsheet I built is one that verifies South African ID Numbers so I also decided to build a Windows Phone 7 app to do that.

This does a little more than the spreadsheet could, so it has lots of info about what in an ID number does not verify which is very useful.

In addition it includes a awesome new feature a South African ID Number GENERATOR! With this you put in a few required details, hit a button and BOOM! An ID number that will validate.

Important to remember that validation of a number doesn’t mean it actually exists, just the math works. So please don’t use this for anything except interest or development!


(btw screenshots are from 1.1, which is soon to be out – so if you download and it looks different then give it a day or two)



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Hi,How do I trace someone if I do have the I'd nr.does this software give address and contact details?

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As it says in the post, it validates (i.e. checks the number passes the math) & generates ID numbers. If you want to trace someone and you have just a ID number start with the SAPS and/or home affairs. If you are looking for someone in regards to a legal matter, the sheriff of the court can help trace. Alternatively contact your lawyers and find out who they use for tracing people - rather expensive though.
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can you gen with the details to gen an id number. 1988/08/05, Male, non-citizen (bangladesh)

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