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(I tweeted this story today, and some wanted to be able to share it so here it is)

Everyone gets along well at work, except Jim

He never comes to after-work drinks. He doesn’t go get Friday burger lunch with the team. He doesn’t chip in for Sarah’s farewell gift. When he gets unicorned (i.e. he left his machine unlocked & someone emailed everyone), he doesn’t buy the punishment cake. This annoys everyone. Why doesn’t he just play along? It is harmless fun.

Jim sucks… Right? He just isn’t trying to be part of the team… Right?

Well, Jim can’t afford the transport from after-hours drinks or the expensive burgers or the cake.

He would like to.

Financial diversity is a hard one to spot in a team, but it is a real thing. Are you excluding people because they are not privileged like you?