Learning Kotlin: Introduction

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Mon, 06/11/2018 - 09:00

I have recently decided to start to learn Kotlin, and have started with the Koans.

Koans are simple unit tests which help ease you into learning a new language.

The first step was setting this up, in Windows and VSCode... cause for some reason I hate myself that much.



So I am using VSCode as the editor and then the command line to run the unit tests.


Since this will be ongoing, I am going to break it into a number of parts, listed below (this list will be updated over time):

  1. Hello World
  2. Java To Kotlin Converter
  3. Named Arguments
  4. Default Arguments
  5. Lambdas
  6. String Templates
  7. Data Classes
  8. Nullable Types
  9. Smart Casting
  10. Extension Functions and Extensions On Collections
  11. Object Expressions and SAM Conversions
  12. Kotlin's Elvis Operator
  13. Return when
  14. The awesome that is the backtick
  15. Collections
  16. It is a thing
  17. Operators
  18. Operators don't need to mean one thing
  19. Destructuring
  20. For Loop
  21. Invoke
  22. Looking at the In Operator & Contains
  23. The .. operator
  24. Todo
  25. By
  26. The lazy delegate
  27. The Observable Delegate (with a slight detour on reference functions)
  28. The map delegate
  29. The vetoable delegate
  30. The notnull delegate and lateinit