20 Jan 2007

Favorite syntax for Windows Desktop Search

Since installing Windows Desktop Search there has been a few syntax items I have used on pretty much a daily basis.
The first is is ;)
This lets you specify the type of content you are looking for. Syntax: is:<type>
In my case I generally am looking for is emails so I use: is:email

The next is limiting to the author. Once again the logical syntax is: author:<name>
Example: author:robert

Finally I limit by date ranges. The date options are amazingly powerful and all use the syntax date:<range>

Finally an example which puts it all together:
is:email author:robert date:lastyear CRM

17 Jan 2007

Website restoration

Update: The website is no longer hosted at Hetzner - it is now at Web Hosting Buzz. The reason for the move is not because of any issues at Hetzner, they were great. However the cost was a major factor - I now pay the same in a year as I used to pay in a month!
The website is slowly getting rebuild/reuploaded, so relax, it will be up soon ;)

What happened: In 2006 all access rights to my previous host were revoked and all my email addresses were also removed.

A good friend also started to have issues with the same hosting company who previously offered him free email only hosting, due to a number of favours he had done for the hosting company. The hosting company is now sending hi invoices and suspending his service too. The cause of this is a management change internally and the new owners do not want to comply with the agreements we had with the old owners.

As such I moved my domain to Hetzner. They had a special at the point and offered great discounts on paying in advance, in addition to that they offer a great management system which does everything I need (I have only dealt with one person and that was a question about if they offered Mono on there hosting, they don't).

I have delayed getting the website up as email has been a priority and I have not had the time but suddenly I have had a few hours to look at it and this is the result :)

Why is it not ASP.NET? because Hetzer does not offer Microsoft Windows hosting or Mono on their Linux servers.