31 Jan 2008
Update 26 August 2010: A new and better version of this Excel file has been made available. Please go to South African ID Number Checker in Excel version 2 to get it.
Update 11 August 2011: Want this as an app for your smartphone? Click here
A few days back I wanted to validate a list of ID numbers, and previously I have done the basics (length, date etc...) but I decided to do the full thing this time. So I search for the rules and found this post, which explains it nicely and contains some C# code. However for me C# didn't cut it as I wanted to process an Excel spreadsheet. So I whipped together a nice one which does the following checks:
  • Length
  • Valid Date
  • Date is in the past
  • Gender Flag
  • Nationality Flag
  • Check Bit
I've hidden the calculation cells so you can just unhide if you want to see the calculations. When I ran my list through it the failures came in two forms, obvious failures (things like 1000000000000) or check bit failures. Since I don't know which are real/valid in my list I am not sure if the check bit is 100%, but it did work fine for real ones I put in myself.
Anyway you can grab it below in the attachments section (You can grab the version 2 from the link above).

24 Jan 2010: I have disabled comments on this post as I am getting a lot of people asking me about who ID numbers belong to, how to track people based on ID's or what someones ID is. None of those I can answer as I do not work for the govt, police etc... If you have questions on the technical aspects of ID numbers please contact me using the contact form option.


Cecil Tshikedi's picture

Could you please explain to me what the ID number numbers stands for (6102125978087) I know the first six are bithdate now i want to know the rest
Robert MacLean's picture

Excellent question - I actually answered in a blog post! http://www.sadev.co.za/content/what-south-african-id-number-made
shehada's picture

please help me i need to know this id number for whome 8507295302083

Robert MacLean's picture

All I can tell you is that it is someone born on July 29th 1985, is male and South African - cause that is all the information that the number has. If you want to track someone down speak to a lawyer.
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Does the government know about me...if so what do they know about me?